Why choose Biblical counseling?

“Within the scriptures there is a balm for every wound, a salve for every sore” – Charles H. Spurgeon

Let’s face it, in life things break.  The printer stops printing, the check engine light is on in the car, the heater in the house is putting out cold air, the list goes on and on.  And when these things happen, what do we do?  We either find the repair manual or contact the manufacturer, because who knows better how to fix something than the one who made it?  

The same holds true when things “break” in our lives.  When anxiety and depression make life seem unlivable, or when our personal and/or marital life is falling apart, why not turn to our manufacturer, God Himself?  Our Father did not create us then leave us to figure things out on our own.  He gave us the perfect instruction manual, His Holy and unchanging Word.

God’s Word is truth (Jn 17:17), it never changes (Ps. 33:11), and is all sufficient (2 Tim 3:15-17).

Sovereign Joy Ministries exists to help restore lives through the use of the only Owner’s Manual necessary, God’s Holy Word.

With so many choices available what makes Biblical counseling the right choice for you? Biblical counseling starts with a firm belief that people are created in the image of God. That people are more than mere chance and that they posses intrinsic value. Because they are created by God we believe that God has a purpose for them and that He has intended a way that we should live our lives. We believe that God is not silent and that He has given us his instruction in the form of His Word, the Bible. We believe that the Bible contains the truths needed to address the issues that people struggle with today.

The scriptures give us a foundation that was not created by man and is therefore objective in its counsel. It does not change due to someones new theories and does not become obsolete. Modern therapies can only give you opinion based on theory. These opinions are subject to change and in fact are in an almost constant state of change.

Biblical counseling is personal. Unlike secular counseling, Biblical counseling requires that the counselor be personally invested in the welfare and outcome of their client. We do our counseling in a spirit of love as ambassadors for Christ.

We believe these differences make Biblical counseling vastly different from any other form.

We are not LPCs. We choose to be biblical counselors and not LPCs due to our belief in the life-changing power of Jesus Christ and desire the freedom to discuss Him and His principals. Therefore we do not bill insurance companies. Our ministry is a 501c(3) organization and all counseling is covered through suggested donations which are tax deductible.

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