Sovereign Joy Ministries, inc. is a 501(c)(3) biblical counseling ministry with a primary focus on bringing people into a deeper relationship with God. We believe that the world is full of hurting people and that lasting joy and meaning can only be found in God. Problems may be difficult and overwhelming but God is greater than any difficulty you are facing. Perhaps you’ve tried counseling or therapy before but were frustrated with the results. Unfortunately most counseling only offers empathy for problems and not sufficient guidance needed for real change. Only an objective, authoritative source can provide guidance for life that isn’t based on opinion. We believe in the sufficiency and authority of God’s Word to work powerfully in counselees lives. We believe that it is only through the power of our creator God that individuals can truly be transformed and released from the bondage they are facing.

Sovereign Joy Ministries was founded by Darren K. Altizer. Darren was saved when he was 15, and felt the Lords call to ministry at 16. His path to ministry would not be a direct one however. After several setbacks he grew discouraged and began to seek out satisfaction from worldly pursuits. These pursuits led to a life of secrecy and increased distance to those around him. On the brink of divorce Darren finally realized the harm he was causing to those around him and himself. Through a painstaking process the Lord healed the wounds in his marriage and Darren submitted himself to wherever the Lord would lead. It was during this time he had sought therapy and counseling to restore his marriage that he realized the need for counseling that was founded on God’s Word alone. After receiving some bad counseling, Darren pursued his studies in Biblical counseling. He is now a certified Biblical counselor with the Association of Biblical Counselors. He is also a partner with the Biblical Counseling Coalition and a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors. Together with his wife, Nancy, they have started Redeeming the Family. A division of Sovereign Joy that focuses on educating and equipping families to navigate the ever changing climate of our culture from a Biblical worldview.

They are currently residing in Delaware with their three children. They enjoy board games, sports, and camping.